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Hazl Soap

Reuniting Humans to Nature

I started Hazl Soap because my Psoriasis couldn't handle the standard box store purchase. The name brand soaps were lackluster, filled with chemicals I couldn't pronounce. The specialty tar products left me sticky and stinky and I had lost all hope. Over 2 years of testing I had perfected the perfect recipe that left my skin feeling clean, smooth which didn't upset my sensitive skin... Not to mention smelling fantastic!

Turns out, others loved my bars and pleaded me to make them. We began selling in our local boutique stores and with our increased demand Hazl Soap was born.

Simple Ingredients


Nothing but the highest quality ingredients for all skin types. Compare the below with store brand ingredients, you'll be shocked! 

Our soaps are made with a blend of:

1. Coconut Oil

2. Olive Oil

3. Palm Oil

4. Shea Butter

5. Clay Type 

6. Fragrance

7. Possible additive (Charcoal, Indigo Powder)

8. *Lye 

Each bar will have the specific clay or additive on their order card screen

*Cold Process Soap is made by combining oils and sodium hydroxide lye, which causes a chemical reaction called saponification. Lye is an alkali metal hydroxide traditionally obtained by leaching wood ashes, or a strong alkali which is highly soluble in water producing caustic basic solutions. You cannot make cold processed soap without this chemical reaction.

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